Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Trouble recovery
Emergency procedures
Cleaning the jet intake and impeller
Before attempting to remove weeds or de-
bris from the jet intake or impeller area,
shut the engine off and remove the clip
from the engine shut-off switch. Severe in-
jury or death could result from coming in
contact with the rotating parts of the jet
If weeds or debris gets caught in the jet intake
or impeller, cavitation can occur, causing jet
thrust to decrease even though engine speed
rises. If this condition is allowed to continue,
the engine will overheat and may seize.
NOTICE: If weeds or debris gets caught in
the jet intake, do not operate the watercraft
above trolling speed until they have been
If there is any sign that the jet intake or impel-
ler is clogged with weeds or debris, return to
shore and check the intake and impeller. Al-
ways stop the engine before beaching the wa-
(1) Place a suitable clean cloth or carpeting
underneath the watercraft to protect it
from abrasions and scratches. Turn the
watercraft on its side as shown. NOTICE:
Always turn the watercraft over onto
its port (left) side. When turning the
watercraft on its side, support the bow
so that the handlebars are not bent or
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