Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

(2) Remove the four screws, and then re-
move the handlebar cover.
(3) Turn the handlebars so that the left han-
dlebar grip is facing down.
(4) Loosen the locknut.
(5) Tighten or loosen the adjusting nut until
the desired amount of friction is obtained.
(6) While holding the adjusting nut with a
wrench, tighten the locknut to the speci-
fied torque.
(7) Securely install the handlebar cover and
four screws in their original positions.
(8) While holding the steering pole, move the
lock pin to the stowed position, and then
lower the steering pole.
Adjusting the jet thrust nozzle angle
The angle of the jet thrust nozzle can be ad-
justed to two settings to suit operator prefer-
To adjust the jet thrust nozzle angle:
(1) Remove the two bolts, and then remove
the steering pole cover.
(2) Pull back the outer sleeve of the steering
cable joint, and then disconnect the joint
from the steering cable pivot bolt.
1 Handlebar cover
1 Adjusting nut
2 Locknut
Tightening torque:
29.0 Nm (2.96 kgf-m, 21.4 ft-lb)
1 Steering pole cover
1 Steering cable joint
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