Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

(2) Turn the fuel cock knob to ON.
(3) Attach the engine shut-off cord (lanyard)
to your left wrist, and then attach the clip
to the engine shut-off switch. (See page
23 for information on operating the en-
gine shut-off switch.) WARNING! Check
that the engine shut-off cord (lanyard)
is attached correctly. If the engine
shut-off cord (lanyard) is not attached
correctly, it may not pull free when the
operator falls off, allowing the water-
craft to continue to run and cause an
(4) Pull the choke knob all the way out to
start a cold engine.
The choke should not be used when the en-
gine is warm.
(5) While lightly squeezing the throttle lever,
push the start switch (green button) to
start the engine. (See page 23 for infor-
mation on operating the start switch.)
WARNING! Do not apply too much
throttle when starting the engine, oth-
erwise the watercraft will accelerate
unexpectedly. This could cause a col-
lision or cause the operator to be
thrown overboard.
(6) After the engine has warmed up, push
the choke knob in to its original position.
If the choke knob is left pulled out, the engine
will stall.
1 Clip
2 Engine shut-off switch
3 Engine shut-off cord (lanyard)
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