Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Pre-operation checks
Make sure that there is the proper amount of
throttle lever free play when the throttle lever
is in the fully closed (idle) position.
Engine shut-off cord (lanyard) check
Make sure that the engine shut-off cord (lan-
yard) is not damaged. If the cord is damaged,
replace it. WARNING! Never try to repair
the engine shut-off cord (lanyard) or tie it
together. The engine shut-off cord (lan-
yard) may not pull free when the operator
falls off, allowing the watercraft to contin-
ue to run and cause an accident.
Switch checks
Do not run the engine for more than 15
seconds on land without supplying water,
otherwise the engine could overheat.
Check the start switch, the engine stop
switch, and the engine shut-off switch for
proper operation. (See pages 23 to 23 for in-
formation on operating each switch.)
To check the operation of the switches:
(1) Push the start switch to make sure that
the engine starts.
(2) As soon as the engine starts running,
push the engine stop switch to make sure
that the engine stops immediately.
(3) Restart the engine, and then pull the en-
gine shut-off cord (lanyard) to remove the
clip from the engine shut-off switch to
make sure that the engine stops immedi-
Storage pouch checks
Make sure that the storage pouch is not dam-
aged and that water has not collected in the
pouch. Also, make sure that the storage
1 Throttle lever free play
Throttle lever free play:
7.010.0 mm (0.280.39 in)
1 Clip
2 Engine shut-off switch
3 Start switch
4 Engine stop switch
5 Engine shut-off cord (lanyard)
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