Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Safety information
contact with the rotating parts of the jet
Stop the engine and remove the clip from
the engine shut-off switch before removing
any debris or weeds, which may have col-
lected around the jet intake.
Avoid forceful jet thrust and limited visibility
while reboarding. Get to a standing or
kneeling position quickly, but do not expose
yourself to the forceful jet thrust.
Rules of the Road
Your Yamaha watercraft is legally consid-
ered a powerboat. Operation of the water-
craft must be in accordance with the rules
and regulations governing the waterway
on which it is used.
Just as there are rules that apply when you
are driving on streets and highways, there are
waterway rules that apply when you are oper-
ating your watercraft. These rules are used in-
ternationally, and are also enforced by the
United States Coast Guard and local agen-
cies. You should be aware of these rules, and
follow them whenever you encounter another
vessel on the water.
Several sets of rules prevail according to geo-
graphic location, but are all basically the same
as the International Rules of the Road. The
rules presented here in this owners/opera-
tors manual are condensed, and have been
provided for your convenience only. Consult
your local U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary or De-
partment of Motor Vehicles for a complete set
of rules governing the waters in which you will
be operating your watercraft.
Steering and sailing rules
Whenever two vessels on the water meet one
another, one vessel has the right-of-way; it is
called the stand-on vessel. The vessel that
does not have the right-of-way is called the
give-way or burdened vessel. These rules
determine which vessel has the right-of-way,
and what each vessel should do.
Stand-on vessel
The vessel with the right-of-way has the duty
to continue its course and speed, except to
avoid an immediate collision. When you main-
tain your direction and speed, the other vessel
will be able to determine how best to avoid
1 Intake grate
2 Jet thrust nozzle
1 Clip
2 Engine shut-off switch
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