Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Equipment operation
To install the hood:
(1) Position the hood on the deck so that the
two projections at the front of the hood fit
under the two stays on the deck.
(2) Push down on the hood latch, and then
turn the knob to the LOCK position to
securely lock the hood in place.
(3) While holding the steering pole, move the
lock pin to the stowed position, and then
lower the steering pole.
Bow rope hole
The bow rope hole is used to attach a rope to
the watercraft when transporting, mooring, or
towing it in an emergency. (See page 72 for
towing procedures.)
Stern rope hole
The stern rope hole is used to attach a rope to
the watercraft when mooring it.
Storage pouch
The storage pouch is located on the bottom of
the hood.
Use the storage pouch to store the own-
ers/operators manual, tool kit, and other
small items. The storage pouch is not de-
signed to be waterproof. If you carry objects
that must be kept dry, put them in a water-
proof bag.
To remove the storage pouch:
(1) Remove the hood. (See page 27 for hood
removal and installation procedures.)
1 Bow rope hole
1 Stern rope hole
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