Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Operation and handling requirements
(2) To mix them thoroughly, shake the con-
tainer from side to side.
Filling the fuel tank
To fill the fuel tank:
(1) Before refueling, stop the engine. Do not
stand or sit on the watercraft. Never refu-
el while smoking, or while in the vicinity of
sparks, open flames, or other sources of
(2) Place the watercraft in a well-ventilated
area and in a horizontal position.
(3) Remove the hood, and then check the
fuel level. (See page 27 for hood removal
and installation procedures.)
(4) Loosen the fuel filler cap and remove it.
(5) Slowly add fuel to the fuel tank.
(6) Stop filling when the fuel level just reach-
es the bottom of the filler tube. Do not fill
up the filler tube. Because fuel expands
when it heats up, heat from the engine or
the sun can cause fuel to spill out of the
fuel tank. Do not leave the watercraft with
a full tank in direct sunlight.
(7) Wipe up any spilled fuel immediately with
a dry cloth.
(8) Securely install the fuel filler cap by tight-
ening it until it clicks.
(9) Install the hood in its original position.
1 2-stroke engine oil
2 Gasoline
1 Fuel filler cap
Fuel tank capacity:
Total :
18 L (4.8 US gal, 4.0 Imp.gal)
5.5 L (1.5 US gal, 1.2 Imp.gal)
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