Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Pre-operation checks
Pre-operation check points
Pre-launch checks
Perform the pre-launch checks in the pre-op-
eration checklist while the watercraft is on
To perform the pre-launch checks:
(1) Remove the hood. (See page 27 for hood
removal and installation procedures.)
(2) Perform the checks and make sure that
there are no malfunctioning items or oth-
er problems.
(3) After completing these checks, install the
hood in its original position.
Engine compartment check
Failure to ventilate the engine compart-
ment could result in a fire or explosion. Do
not start the engine if there is a fuel leak.
Ventilate the engine compartment. Leave the
engine compartment open for a few minutes
to allow any fuel vapors to escape.
Make sure that there is no damage inside the
engine compartment.
Fuel system checks
Leaking fuel can result in fire or explosion.
Check for fuel leakage regularly.
If any fuel leakage is found, the fuel sys-
tem must be repaired by a qualified me-
chanic. Improper repairs can make the
watercraft unsafe to operate.
Make sure that there is no damage, leakage,
or other problem in the fuel system.
Carburetor for leakage
Fuel filler cap and seal for damage
Fuel in fuel tank for water and dirt
Fuel tank for damage and leakage
Fuel hoses and joints for damage and leak-
Fuel filter for leakage
Fuel cock for leakage
Fuel tank breather hose for damage and
Releasing the pressure in the fuel tank
Release the pressure in the fuel tank before
each use.
To release the pressure in the fuel tank:
(1) Loosen the fuel filler cap slowly and re-
move it to release any pressure in the fuel
(2) Securely install the fuel filler cap by tight-
ening it until it clicks.
Fuel level check
Check the fuel level in the fuel tank.
1 Fuel filler cap
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