Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Using Screen Snapshot
Screen Snapshot activates the screen
snapshot function. When Screen Snapshot is enabled, pressing the MARK key
creates a saved screen capture on the optional-purchase MMC/SD card
installed in your unit’s card slot. All menus, dialog boxes, warnings and
messages are captured and saved automatically.
Once you have created a screen capture, a screen capture thumbnail is added
to the Screen Snapshot View, and is available to view at a later date. See the
full-sized image by highlighting a thumbnail (using the Up or Down 4-Way
Cursor keys), then using the Right 4-Way Cursor key to view the full image. A
border around the full-size screen snapshot indicates that it is just a screen
snapshot, not a “live” view. You can delete the highlighted image, or all images,
by selecting a thumbnail and using Delete Image, or using Delete All Images
from the Screen Snapshot X-Press™ menu. You can view these captures on the
Screen Snapshot View, which shows any existing thumbnails of the screen
NOTE: You must have an optional-purchase MMC/SD card installed for the Screen Snapshot
feature to work.
NOTE: If you use your MMC/SD card in two different control heads that have different screen
sizes, the Screen Snapshot made on one unit will still be present on the card, but will be
represented by the Unavailable icon (circle with a slanted line through it) on the Screen
Snapshot View on the other unit.
To turn Screen Snapshot on or off:
1. Highlight Screen Snapshot on the Accessories main menu.
2. Use the LEFT or RIGHT 4-WAY Cursor Control keys to turn Screen
Snapshot On or Off (Off, On, Default = Off).
o make a screen snapshot (Screen Snapshot must be enabled):
1. Make sure you have installed an optional-purchase MMC/SD card into
your card slot.
2. From any view you want to capture, press the MARK key. When you
start a screen capture, you will see a message that a waypoint has
been created at the point where your cursor is on the screen, and the
screen will freeze while the snapshot is being saved to the MMC/SD