Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Waypoint: A Waypoint is the saved location (latitude, longitude) of a point of
interest that is stored in a GPS receiver’s memory. This can include a marker buoy,
dock, fishing hole or anywhere else the user may want to return to. Humminbird®
products offer the ability to name and assign a symbol to the saved location.
Depth, Date and Time of Day when the waypoint was created is also saved.
Waypoint Target: Waypoint Target is a Humminbird® feature that displays a
precise “bull’s eye” around a selected waypoint. This bull’s eye is used to easily
monitor boat position relative to a waypoint, and is useful for fishing over
submerged structure. With Waypoint Targets, a quick look at the screen lets you
know how far off the waypoint the boat has drifted.