Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Temp. Alarm
Temp. Alarm sounds when the water temperature
detected by the Chartplotter reaches the Temp. Alarm setting, which is either
set in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius [International Models only]. For example,
if the Temp. Alarm is set to 58 degrees Fahrenheit, and the water temperature
falls from 60 degrees to 58 degrees, the Temp. Alarm will sound. Similarly, if
the water temperature rises from 56 degrees to 58 degrees, the Temp. Alarm
will also sound.
o change the Temp. Alarm setting:
1. Highlight Temp. Alarm on the Alarms main menu.
2. Use the LEFT or RIGHT 4-Way Cursor Control keys to change the Temp.
Alarm setting. (Off, 33-120 [Fahrenheit], 0-50 [Celsius], Default = Off)
Off Course Alarm
Off Course Alarm sounds when the boat has
moved too far off course based on the menu setting when navigating.
Off Course Alarm allows you to set how far the boat is allowed to move off
course before the Off Course Alarm will sound.
Off Course Limits
Arrival Alarm Circle