Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

The Menu System
The menu system is divided into easy-to-use menu modules. The main
components of the menu system are:
Start-Up Options Menu - Press the MENU key during the power up sequence
to view the Start-Up Options menu.
X-Press™ Menu - The X-Press Menu allows
you to access the settings that are changed
frequently without having to navigate through the
whole menu system. Press the MENU key once to
display the X-Press Menu. When you select a
menu item from the X-Press Menu, the menu
will collapse, leaving only the menu choice on the
screen. Use the UP or DOWN Cursor keys to
reactivate the X-PressMenu.
NOTE: The X-Press™ Menu choices will vary
depending on which view is active when you press the
MENU key, as well as whether you are in Normal or
Advanced User Mode. Either the Navigation or Screen
Snapshot X-Press™ Menu will appear, depending on
the view you are in.
X-Press™ Menu