Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Instrument View
Instrument View allows you to display a digital instrument panel with 8
selectable readouts. This view provides a digital compass at the top of the view,
as well as 8 selectable readouts, and a Cross Track Error (XTE) graphic at the
bottom of the view. The XTE graphic shows the boat's position in relation to the
Off Course Alarm limits, as well as the optimal route (shown as the dotted line
in the middle). You should try to keep the boat as close to the dotted line as
possible for best results. If your course exceeds the Off Course Alarm limits, an
alarm will sound, and the boat icon will change position and will turn from
black to red to indicate the alarm state.
NOTE: Bird's Eye Big Digits View, Chart Big Digits View, and Instrument View all share the
same set of 8 readouts. When you change the readouts display on one of these three views,
you are also changing them on the other two views. See Navigation X-Press™ menu: Select
Readouts for more information.
NOTE: If there is only one waypoint in a route, the Next Waypoint and the End Waypoint info
boxes will display the same information, both for that next waypoint.
Instrument View
Next Waypoint
in Route
TTG: Time To Go
DTG: Distance To
Go to Next Waypoint
in Route
Latitude and
Longitude Position
of Boat
XTE: Cross Track
Error. Distance of
Boat from Route
SOG: Speed
Over Ground
Off Course Alarm Limit
Boat Icon
Last Waypoint
in Route
TTG: Time to Go,
DTG: Distance to
Go to Last
Waypoint in Route
BRG: Bearing to
Next Waypoint
COG: Course
Over Ground
Recommended Route
Off Course
Alarm Limit
XTE: Cross Track
Error Graphic