Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Each data window can either be empty or contain one of the following (varies
by position and by view):
Time + Date
Course Over Ground; Course Over Ground is the current
direction the boat is traveling measured in degrees from North
(i.e. 321°, where 000° is North, 090° East, 180° is South, 270°
is West). When the Course Over Ground is equal to Bearing, the
boat is said to be “On Course” and will arrive at the destination
in the most efficient manner. See the Glossary for more
Suppresses the readout so that no data shows in that position.
Position is the current location (latitude, longitude) determined
by GPS.
Speed Over Ground; Speed Over Ground is the measurement of
the boat’s progress across a given distance, and is the speed
measurement provided by GPS; accurate destination times can
be derived from this measurement. See the Glossary for more
The current time.
The current time and date.
Displays the triplog, which measures the elapsed time since last
reset, the distance traveled since last reset, and average speed
during timed interval.
Power supplied to the control head.
9 Data Windows, 7 Adjustable, Used by Standard Bird's Eye and Chart Views
Readouts 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7