Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

700 Series™ Chartplotter Accessories
Accessories customize the 700 Series™ Chartplotter to your needs and enable
you to stay on the edge of new technology. When an accessory is connected to
the 700 Series™ Chartplotter, additional menus and readouts are added
automatically to the Main Menu System. Accessories available today that are
supported by your Chartplotter include:
WeatherSense® Fishing Condition Monitor: purchase and plug in the
WeatherSense® accessory to your 700 Series™ Chartplotter to obtain
barometric pressure readouts and trend data in real time.
GPS Connection Cable: purchase the GPS Connection Cable in order to
connect a handheld or other NMEA* GPS-compatible device that you may
already own to your 700 Series™ Chartplotter.
*NMEA 0183 is a National Marine Electronics Association standard for data
Wireless Sonar Link (WSL) purchase the Wireless Sonar Link (WSL) accessory
to receive remote sonar signals from a SmartCast® Remote Sonar Sensor (RSS).
Radio signals from the RSS are received by the WSL and transmitted over the
Accessory Bus to the 700 Series™ Chartplotter.
PC Connect Cable: Purchase the PC Connect Cable to connect the 700 Series™
Chartplotter to a PC in order to upload product software updates and new features
obtained from This accessory requires the MSWindows-
compatible HumminbirdPC™ software downloaded from our website to your PC in
order to communicate with the 700 Series™ Chartplotter.
Downriggers are the key to catching fish you otherwise couldn’t even touch. And
now Humminbird’s CannonLink™ Downrigger Controller makes operation of up
to six Cannon™ Mag 20 DT or Mag 20 DT/HS downriggers incredibly easy. Using
the controls on your Chartplotter, deploy or retrieve downriggers, hold a specific
distance off the bottom, cycle downriggers between two depths, and adjust the
Positive Ion Control. Even see temperature and water clarity at depth and speed
at the ball right on-screen when using the Cannon™ Speed-n-Temp. You’ll never
be shorthanded again, just make adjustments from the helm, while your mate
rigs the lines and brings in the fish!