Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Main Menu Tabs - Less frequently-adjusted
menus are grouped into the Main Menu
System. The Main Menu system is organized
under the following tab headings to help
you find a specific menu item quickly: Alarms,
Navigation, Chart, Setup, Views and
Press the MENU key twice for the Main Menu, then use the 4-WAY Cursor LEFT
or RIGHT key to select a tab, and use the DOWN or UP key to select a specific
menu item under that tab, then use the LEFT or RIGHT keys again to change a
menu setting. Press the EXIT key to move quickly to the top of the tab. A down
arrow at the bottom of a menu means that you can scroll to additional menu
choices using the DOWN Cursor key. A right or left arrow on a menu choice
means that you can use the RIGHT or LEFT Cursor keys to make changes or to
see more information.
NOTE: The Main Menu choices will vary depending on whether you are in Normal or
Advanced User Mode.
User Mode (Normal or Advanced) - An Advanced Mode is provided for users
who desire the highest level of control over the Chartplotter and Normal Mode
for users who desire greater simplicity and fewer menu choices. Additional
Advanced menu choices will be displayed throughout the menu system when
you navigate to specific menus while in Advanced Mode. Any changes made
while in Advanced Mode will remain in effect after you switch back to Normal
Mode. See Setup Menu Tab: User Mode for specific instructions on changing
to Advanced User Mode.
Main Menu System
Normal User Mode