Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Screen Snapshot View
Screen Snapshot View displays and allows you to view screen snapshot
thumbnails captured to an optional-purchase MMC/SD card installed in your
unit. In addition, when you are in the Screen Snapshot View, Delete Image and
Delete All Images are added to the X-Press™ menu.
The Screen Snapshot View displays up to three screen snapshot thumbnails on
the screen at a time; you may have to scroll using the 4-WAY Cursor keys to see
the whole list of thumbnails in this view. The selected thumbnail will be
highlighted with arrows.
NOTE: The speed of the screen capture depends on the type of card you use; in general, SD
cards capture the screen faster than MMC cards do.
Screen Snapshot View
Total amount of
space on card
Information Box
Amount of space
left on the card
Unavailable icon
Screen Snapshot
Screen Snapshot