Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Chart Views
Chart Views - The standard Chart, Chart Big Digits, and Chart No Readouts Views
show cartography from the built-in UniMap™ or an optional MMC/SD map for
the area surrounding your current position. The current track (also known as the
position history or breadcrumb trail) showing where the boat has been, along
with saved tracks, waypoints, and the current route (when navigating), are
overlaid on the chart. You can use the 4-WAY Cursor Control key to shift/pan the
chart to another area. You can use the ZOOM (+/-) keys to zoom in and out. You
can use the INFO key to get information on the chart objects near the cursor.
NOTE: Standard Bird's Eye View and Chart View share the same set of 9 readouts, 7 of which
are adjustable. When you change the readouts display on the Bird's Eye View, you also are
changing them on the Chart View.
NOTE: Bird's Eye Big Digits View, Chart Big Digits View, and Instrument View all share the
same set of 8 readouts. When you change the readouts display on one of these three views,
you are also changing them on the other two views. See Navigation X-Press™ menu: Select
Readouts for more information.
Chart View without Active Cursor, shown with
Optional-Purchase Navionics® Cartography
Map Scale
SOG: Speed
Over Ground
Latitude and
Position of
COG: Course
Over Ground