Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Bird’s Eye Views
Bird's Eye Views - The Standard Bird's Eye, Bird's Eye Big Digits, and Bird's Eye No
Readouts Views show a 3-D, perspective view of the track and the chart’s land
contour from a point above and behind the boat (the eye point). As the boat turns,
the eye point moves to follow the boat.
When you press the 4-WAY Cursor key in the Bird’s Eye View, the position of the
eye point will shift. This allows you to move and turn the eye point so that you can
look off to the sides, or even behind the boat. Pressing the RIGHT or LEFT arrow
keys on the 4-WAY Cursor key turns the eye point right or left, while pressing
the UP arrow key moves the eye point forward, and pressing the DOWN arrow
key moves the eye point backward.
Pressing the EXIT key moves the eye point back to its original position behind
and above the boat.
NOTE: Standard Bird's Eye View and Chart View share the same set of 9 readouts, 7 of which
are adjustable. When you change the readouts display on the Bird's Eye View, you also are
changing them on the Chart View.
Bird’s Eye View
Next Waypoint
TTG: Time To Go
to Next Waypoint
DTG: Distance
To Go to Next
Latitude and
Position of Boat
SOG: Speed
Over Ground
Boat Icon
XTE: Cross
Track Error
BRG: Bearing
COG: Course
Over Ground