Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Viewing Cartography
In the Chart Views, there are several cartography-related functions that you can
access using various keys.
Panning: Use the 4-WAY Cursor keys to
move the chart around on the display in
the direction of the key being pressed.
When you do this, a bull's eye cursor is
drawn at the center of the screen and is
linked to the boat by a gray line, even if
the boat is off the screen. At the same
time, the distance and bearing from the
boat to the cursor position and the
latitude/longitude coordinates of the
cursor are displayed in the upper info
Zooming: Use the Plus (+) key to Zoom In
and the Minus (-) key to Zoom Out showing
the cartography at different scales. The
scale is indicated on the left side of the
display. If you zoom in beyond the available chart data, the display will go into
Overzoom mode whereby the last available chart data is amplified to reflect the
scale selected. If you zoom in so far that no cartography is available, a lat/lon
grid will be drawn instead.
Chart Info: Use the INFO key to get detailed information about the chart
through the Chart Info submenu. If the cursor is active, you will see information
about the chart objects located near the cursor. If the cursor is not active, the
Chart Info menu will appear. You can select the nearest port, the nearest tide
station, or the nearest current station to see information about any of these
objects using the 4-WAY Cursor Control key.
NOTE: The built-in UniMap™ does not contain any Port, Tide or Current information. This
information is only available from optional-purchase MMC/SD cards.
Chart View with Cursor Present,
shown with Optional-Purchase
Navionics® Cartography