Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

card. A status dialog box will appear that shows the progress of the
save as a percentage, and that displays the numbered file name
assigned to the .BMP file that is being created.
NOTE: For more information, see Screen Snapshot View and Screen Snapshot X-Press™
NOTE: Navigation is not affected by the Screen Snapshot feature. Also, if Screen Snapshot is
enabled but there is no GPS receiver connected, pressing the MARK key will capture the screen
image and display an error saying that a GPS position fix is required to create a waypoint.
NOTE: The speed of the capture depends on the type of card you use; in general, SD cards
capture the screen faster than MMC cards do.
To view scr
een snapshots:
1. Make sure that the optional-purchase MMC/SD card used to capture
the screen is installed in your card slot.
2. Press the VIEW key until you see the Screen Snapshot View.
3. You can scroll through the whole list of captures in this view using the
4-WAY Cursor keys. Highlight a thumbnail (using the Up or Down
4-Way Cursor keys), then use the Right 4-Way Cursor key to view
the full image. A border around the full-size screen capture indicates
that it is just a screen capture, not a “live” view. You can delete the
highlighted image, or all captured images, using the Snapshot
X-Press™ menu. (See Screen Snapshot X-Press™ menu: Delete
Image and Delete All Images for more information).
NOTE: When you highlight a snapshot thumbnail, the amount of room remaining on the SD
card will be displayed.
NOTE: The waypoints that are created by a snapshot have the same name as the file and use
a custom waypoint icon. Screen Snapshot filenames begin with the letter "S".
NOTE: You may view data files associated with each screen snapshot by removing the
MMC/SD card from your unit and installing it in your optional-purchase MMC/SD card reader
connected to a PC. Use Windows Explorer to see the contents of your MMC/SD card; you will
notice that a .DAT (may show up as .TXT) file is created for every .BMP screen capture; this data
file includes the thumbnail view, and is required in order to be able to view the screen snapshot
from your unit, so don’t delete these files.