Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Bearing is the direction to a destination waypoint measured
in degrees from North (i.e. 321°, where 000° is North, 090°
East, 180° is South, 270° is West).
Course Made Good/Speed Made Good.
Course Made Good is the angle between the starting point
on a route and the current position of the boat. The goal is
to have CMG and Track equal to the same number. See the
Course Made Good illustration. Speed Made Good is the
distance from the starting waypoint on the route divided by
the time elapsed since starting navigation on the route.
Suppresses the readout so that no data shows in that position.
Track/Course Made Good.
The Track is the desired line of travel between two
waypoints, and represents the most efficient path between
the two points because it is a straight line. The TRK is
measured in degrees. See above for an explanation of
Course Made Good.
Time To Go.
Time To Go is the estimated time required to reach the
destination waypoint. TTG is calculated using the SOG and DTG.
Velocity Made Good.
Velocity Made Good is the speed of travel relative to the next
waypoint on the route. The goal is for VMG to equal Speed.
Waypoint End/Estimated Time of Arrival/Distance to Go.
Waypoint End is the last waypoint on the route. Estimated
Time of Arrival is the estimated time of arrival to the last
waypoint on the route. Distance To Go is the distance
between the current position of the boat and the last
waypoint on the route.
9 Data Windows, 7 Adjustable, Used by Standard Bird's Eye and Chart Views
Readouts 4 and 5