Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Multi-Media Card
(MMC)/SD Slot
Your 700 Series™ Chartplotter also has a multi-
media card (MMC)/SD slot that is used to insert
optional-purchase cards containing additional
detailed maps. If you insert an MMC/SD that
contains a more detailed chart for a particular
location, your 700 Series™ Chartplotter will
retrieve that chart and display it automatically.
Use the illustration to locate the position of the MMC/SD slot cover, remove the
MMC/SD slot cover, then insert the MMC/SD into the slot. The label on the
MMC/SD should face toward the right side of the unit. Press down on the card
until it clicks into place, then replace the slot cover, making certain that the
gasket is present and positioned correctly before re-installing the cover, then
replace and tighten snugly - do NOT overtighten, as this will not improve water
resistance, and may damage the cover.
Software Updates
Use the MMC/SD slot to update the software version of your control head. To
update the software in your control head, plug in the appropriate MMC/SD card
that contains a software update file; the unit will recognize it, will tell you what
software version your control head is currently running, and will ask you if you
want to update the software in the unit to match that on the MMC/SD card.
You can obtain software updates from the website.
Inserting an MMC/SD
into the Card Slot