Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Select Readouts
Select Readouts sets individual digital readouts on the Instrument View, all the
Chart Views, and the Bird's Eye Views. This feature allows you to select what data
will be displayed in each of a variable number of fixed-position data windows
arranged around the edges of the screen on various views, or whether a particular
window will be turned off, displaying nothing in that area. Data windows can
display readouts from supported accessories such as Temp/Speed.
NOTE: Standard Bird's Eye View and Chart View share the same set of 9 readouts, 7 of which
are adjustable. When you change the readouts display on the Bird's Eye View, you also are
changing them on the Chart View.
NOTE: Bird's Eye Big Digits View, Chart Big Digits View, and Instrument View all share the
same set of 8 readouts. When you change the readouts display on one of these three views,
you are also changing them on the other two views. See Bird's Eye View, Chart View, and
Instrument View for more information.
Select Readouts: 8 Data Windows
Used by Bird's Eye Big Digits,
Chart Big Digits,
and Instrument View
Select Readouts: 9 Data Windows,
7 Adjustable, Used by Standard
Bird's Eye and Chart View