Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Waypoints, Routes and Tracks
Waypoints are stored positions that allow you to mark areas of interest or
navigation points. Your Chartplotter can store up to 3000 waypoints.
Routes link two or more waypoints together to create a path for navigation, and
are used in trip planning. You can link individual waypoints together by using the
GOTO key. A route represents your intended navigation and shows the shortest
path from each waypoint to the next. As you travel a route, staying on the route
line is the most efficient way to get to your destination, although you should
always look out for obstacles not shown on the chart. Your 700 Series™
Chartplotter can store up to 50 routes that can each contain up to 50 waypoints.
Tracks consist of detailed position history, and are displayed as a breadcrumb
trail of trackpoints. The Current Track shows the position history since the unit
was powered up (maximum of 20,000 trackpoints displayed). You can clear the
Current Track or save it at any time. Your 700 Series™ Chartplotter can store up
to 50 saved tracks, each containing 20,000 trackpoints. The current track
represents your actual path so far.
Waypoints, Routes and Tracks
Map Scale
TTG: Time to Go
to Waypoint
DTG: Distance to
Go to Waypoint
SOG: Speed
Over Ground
XTE: Cross Track
Error. Distance of
Boat from Route
BRG: Bearing
to Waypoint
COG: Course
Over Ground
Latitude and
Position of Boat