Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

distinctive icon, is created at the boat's current position (regardless of
whether the chart cursor is active or not). Any current navigation will be
cancelled and the current route discarded without user notification, and
MOB navigation begins immediately. The view is switched to the Chart
View automatically when MOB is activated, and it is not possible to
activate MOB or modify the current route without first canceling MOB
navigation. Any press of the GOTO key, or selection of a GOTO menu
item, will cause an error beep and a short message will be displayed to
the user that will disappear after 2 seconds.
ZOOM (+/-) Key
Press the - or + ZOOM keys while in any of the Chart or Bird's
Eye Views to change the scale of the view to appear closer
or farther away.
The EXIT key has multiple functions, depending on the situation:
If an alarm is sounding, pressing EXIT will cancel the alarm.
If a menu tab is selected, pressing EXIT will exit the menu mode and
return to the view.
If a menu is active, pressing EXIT will return to the previous level in the
menu system.
Pressing EXIT will cycle through the available views in reverse order.
If the Cursor is active, pressing EXIT will remove the cursor from the display.