Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Use the Simulator to learn how to use your Chartplotter before taking your boat
on the water. The Simulator is a very powerful tool that simulates on the water
operation, providing a randomly-updated display. We recommend going
through this manual while using the Simulator, since all of the menus function
and affect the display the way they actually do when in Normal operation.
NOTE: At startup, while still on the splash screen (while the name of your Humminbird(r)
model is still on the screen) you must press the MENU key and then select Simulator manually
to enter Simulator mode. Manually selecting Simulator from the Start-Up Options menu
allows you to pre-configure your Chartplotter for on the water operation. Any menu changes
you make will be saved for later use.
A message will appear on the display periodically to remind you that you are
using the Simulator.
Exit the Simulator by powering your Chartplotter off.
Simulator (shown with optional-purchase
Weathersense® attached)