Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Start-Up Options Menu
Press the MENU key when the Title screen is displayed to access the Start-Up
Options menu.
Use the UP or DOWN 4-WAY Cursor keys to position the cursor, then the RIGHT
Cursor key to select one of the following choices. If you wait too long, the
system will default to whichever menu mode happens to be highlighted:
• Normal
• Simulator
• System Status
• PC Connect (use with PC Connect Cable).
See the following paragraphs for more information about each of these choices.
Normal Operation
Use Normal Operation for on the water operation. Turn on your Chartplotter by
pressing the POWER/LIGHT key. The Title screen is displayed until the
Chartplotter begins operation. After the Title screen is displayed, a 30 second
Navigation Warning screen is shown. Press the MENU key during the time that
the Title screen is displayed to view the Start-Up Menu in order to choose
Simulator mode. Press the EXIT key during the Navigation Warning to enter into
Normal mode.