Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Delete All Nav Data
Delete All Nav Data allows you to delete all saved Tracks, Waypoints and
Routes. This menu choice should be used with caution. The Delete All Nav Data
menu choice is only available when User Mode is set to Advanced (see Setup
Menu Tab: User Mode).
o Delete All Navigation Data:
1. Make sure you are in Advanced User Mode, then highlight Delete All
Nav Data on the Navigation main menu.
2. Use the RIGHT 4-WAY Cursor Control key to delete all navigation data.
A confirmation dialog box will appear to allow you to change your
mind, or to confirm your choice.
Continuous Navigation Mode
Continuous Navigation Mode allows you to
continue to navigate and fish around a particular waypoint, even if you pass
over it multiple times.
o activate or de-activate Continuous Navigation::
1. Highlight Continuous Navigation Mode on the Navigation main menu.
2. Use the LEFT or RIGHT 4-WAY Cursor Control keys to turn Continuous
Navigation Mode On or Off (Off, On, Default = Off)