Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Before contacting the Humminbird® Customer Resource Center, please read the
following section. Taking the time to review these troubleshooting guidelines
may allow you to solve a performance problem yourself, and therefore avoid
sending your unit back for repair.
Chartplotter Doesn’t Power Up
If your Chartplotter doesn’t power up, use the Installation Guide that also
comes with it for specific confirmation details, making sure that:
The power cable is properly connected to the Chartplotter control head.
The power cable is wired correctly, with red to positive battery terminal
and black to negative terminal or ground.
The fuse is operational.
The battery voltage of the power connector is at least 10 Volts.
Correct any known problems, including removing corrosion from the battery
terminals or wiring, or actually replacing the battery if necessary.