Humminbird 755C Marine GPS System User Manual

Nearest Current Station: Current information for the nearest current station to
your present position will be displayed in an information box. This includes the
position of the station and the current changes for today. Two graphs are also
presented that show the time, direction and flow speed of the current changes
for the 24 hour time period of today’s date. You can change the date to look at
current information before or after the date displayed by pressing the LEFT or
RIGHT cursor key respectively. Press the EXIT key to remove the information box
and the cursor bull’s eye will be centered over the current station position. The
cursor information boxes at the bottom of the display will indicate the distance
and bearing to the current station from your present position. Press the EXIT
key again to return to the Chart View.
Introduction to Navigation
Use your Chartplotter to establish waypoints at areas of interest and to
navigate to those waypoints via a savable route (representing the shortest
intended distance between waypoints). You can also view and save tracks,
which represent the actual path of the boat.